Right Wing Round-Up

  • Watch Rachel Maddow demolish “ex-gay” therapist Richard Cohen.
  • On a related note, it looks like Ugana is backing off a bit on its “kill the gays” bill.
  • Mother Jones: The Religious Right’s Potty Paranoia.
  • Think Progress: How The Right-Wing Noise Machine Manufactured ‘Climategate.’
  • Just so you know, the House GOP approves of Christmas.
  • Bruce Springsteen supports marriage equality in New Jersey.
  • Michael Steele cannot be bothered with your petty questions.
  • Rep. Steve King discovers the vast ACORN conspiracy!
  • Finally, a good quote from Kevin Drum: There are times when I feel that I’m pretty inured to political opportunism and duplicitousness. But railing against any kind of government interference in the health industry as death panels and socialism, and then turning around and suggesting we take advantage of the benefits of an actual socialist healthcare system really takes the cake.