Right Wing Round-Up

  • In times of trouble, remind me not to turn to Brit Hume..
  • Rick Warren needed $900,000 in end-of-the-year donations and got $2.4 million instead.
  • The New York Times examines the role that three American anti-gay activists played in the creation of Uganda’s death penalty for gays effort.
  • Apparently, Oklahoma Republicans are going to attempt to “opt-out” of federal hate crimes laws. Good luck with that.
  • The Washington Monthly explains how David Barton, Don McLeroy, and other Texas conservatives are rewriting your kids’ textbooks.
  • You know, if GOProud has a problem with WorldNetDaily’s reporting, they ought to take it up with WND, not Good As You.
  • Finally, I never fail to be amazed at the sort of outrageous things conservatives can get away with saying.