Right Wing Round-Up

  • As the Proposition 8 trial gets underway in California, Ted Olson lays out the conservative case for gay marriage.
  • In a move that surprises absolutely nobody, Sarah Palin has signed on with Fox News.
  • A Nevada judge tossed out the “personhood” state ballot measure because the language is “too general in nature.”
  • Harry Reid’s comment is just like Trent Lott’s? Hardly.
  • On a related note, I tend to give CBN’s David Brody a lot of grief here, so I want to give him credit for this smart take: “Maybe Republican congressmen need to spend less time whining about a double standard and more time forging relationships and selling their political agenda to the black community.”
  • Finally, Alvin McEwen has an excellent piece in the Huffington Post on “The Right’s Unsuccessful Smear Campaign Against Kevin Jennings.