Right Wing Round-Up

  • Predictably, VA state Rep. Bob Marshall says he was taken out of context for his statement that disabled children are punishment for women who’ve had an abortion.  You can listen to the statement here and judge for yourself.
  • Utah state Sen. Mark Madsen wants to combine Martin Luther King Day with “John M. Browning State Holiday” to honor the gun manufacturer.
  • Speaking of Utah, a bill passed by the state House and Senate and waiting for the governor’s signature will make it a crime for a woman to have a miscarriage.
  • I, for one, do not buy Molotov Mitchell’s claim that he has gay friends for a second.
  • Wow, XPAC turned out to be even lamer than predicted.
  • Guess what CPAC-ers don’t care about? Fighting marriage equality.
  • The insanity of Orly Taitz knows no bounds.
  • Timothy Kincaid gives some helpful advice to the Alliance Defense Fund.
  • Finally, remember last week when the Right was up in arms over the revelation that there were books about socialism in the White House library? Turns out, they were Jackie Kennedy’s.