Right Wing Round-Up

  • David Weigel: From the ‘N-word’ to the Washington Times.
  • TPM: Libertarians On Paul’s Civil Rights Stance: ‘Very Reasonable’.
  • Adam Serwer: The Hard Part Of Freedom.
  • Michael Gerson: Palin, Dobson must repudiate Rand Paul or accept his extremism.
  • Think Progress: Paul Calls White House Pressure On BP ‘Un-American,’ Says That ‘Sometimes Accidents Happen’.
  • Evan Hurst: Fundies Wigging Out Over Ellen DeGeneres Picking “Man’s Song” For “Girl Contestant” on Idol.
  • Steve Benen: When Newt Compares Americans to Nazis.
  • Wonk Room: Even Rep. Mike Pence Didn’t Know Why Conservative Latino Group Honored Him With An Award.
  • Finally, just remember that if you ever start to think Glenn Beck just can’t get any crazier, he’ll inevitably prove you wrong: