Right Wing Round-Up

  • The Advocate: Court Deals Blow to DOMA.
  • Sam Stein: Sharron Angle’s Advice For Rape Victims Considering Abortion: Turn Lemons Into Lemonade.
  • Adele Stan: Tea Party Think Tank Headed By Clarence Thomas’ Wife Makes Common Cause With Militia Guru Larry Pratt.
  • Steve Benen: Cuccinelli’s Unique Approach to the Law.
  • Wonk Room: Stephen Moore Advocates Raising Taxes On The Poor To Finance Tax Cuts For The Rich.
  • TPM: Vitter Claims Disgraced Staffer Didn’t Work on Women’s Issues; Records Say Otherwise.
  • Mother Jones: The Bond Villains at the Jerry Falwell Museum.
  • Think Progress: Gov. Lingle Compares Same-Sex Marriage To Incest, Doesn’t Realize Cousins Can Marry In Hawaii.
  • Finally, I am on vacation until Monday, July 19, so posting will probably be sporadic/non-existent. But I don’t expect that the Religious Right to say or do anything crazy between now and then, so it’ll be fine. But on the off chance that they do and you want to drop us a line and let us know, you can do so here.