Right Wing Round-Up

  • Truth Wins Out: Major ‘Ex-Gay’ Life Coach Accused of Sexual Misconduct By Former Clients.
  • Sarah Posner: Glenn Beck’s ‘Social Justice’ Heresies.
  • Steve Benen: ‘Refudiating’ Palin’s Inanity.
  • Matt Yglesias: Erick Erickson: Failure to Filibuster Elena Kagan is “High Act of Treason”.
  • Joe.My.God: GOP Group Challenges Legality Of Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s Nomination.
  • Dump Bachmann: Bachmann and Emmer’s Pal Bradlee Dean Repeats Anti-Semitic Remarks on the Radio.
  • Andrew Sullivan: Mel Gibson And The Christianist Right.
  • Alvin McEwen: Concerned Women for America outdoes itself with vile anti-gay campaign.
  • Think Progress: Trent Lott: Most Americans Don’t Want ‘A Lot Of Jim DeMint Disciples’ In The Senate.