Right Wing Round-Up

  • PFAW Statement: Dr. Laura’s Racist Remarks Inexcusable.
  • Media Matters: Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s N-word rant.
  • Think Progress: Right-wing columnist calls Prop. 8 judge a ‘false god,’ compares same-sex marriage to slavery.
  • Good As You: What next, FRC: Claiming the paper’s Help Wanted ads validate your views on unemployment?
  • Steve Benen: Explaining Net Neutrality in a Way Tea Partiers Can Understand.
  • Alvin McEwen: Is the religious right after another gay Obama appointee?
  • Joe.My.God: Thomas Jefferson Would Have Imprisoned Walker For Treason.
  • Pam Spaulding: Pat Robertson’s CBN correspondent: ‘Gay subculture – one of the most violent subcultures out there’.