Right Wing Round-Up

  • PFAW: In an Open Letter, People For Urges ABC to Distance Itself from Breitbart.
  • SPLC: Extremist ‘Patriot’ Pastor Videotapes Another Tense Traffic-Stop Encounter.
  • Political Correction: Tom Tancredo Plans To Start A Revolution.
  • Jason Hancock @ Iowa Independent: King refuses to explain vote against bill combating rape on tribal grounds.
  • Alan Colmes: GOP Post-Election Day Goal: Stopping Sarah Palin; Viewed As A “Disaster In Waiting.”
  • Rachel Tabachnick @ Talk To Action: The Apostles and Transformation – Why They Are a Threat to Pluralism in Hawaii.
  • Media Matters: KTVA calls claims pushed by Palin on Fox News Sunday “absurd.”
  • Brad Johnson @ Think Progress: ‘Kill Some Crackers’: GOP Group Pays Fox Affiliates To Influence Election With Anti-Obama Propaganda.