Right Wing Round-Up

  • Nick Baumann @ Mother Jones: GOP Bill Would Force IRS to Conduct Abortion Audits.
  • Ryan J. Reilly @ TPM: James O’Keefe Doesn’t Want To Be Videotaped: ‘He’s Got Lawsuits Up The Gazoo.’
  • Towleroad: TX Democratic County Chair Dan Ramos Calls Gay Groups ‘Termites’, Compares Them to Nazi Party.
  • John @ Bold Faith Type: Immigration Reform: Who Would Jesus Shoot?
  • Pam Spaulding @ Pam’s House Blend: Here comes Bam Bam and The Peter with the ‘Truth Academy’ circus.
  • Steve Benen: Those who are ‘sympathetic’ to the terrorists’ ’cause’.
  • Greg Sargent: An easy way to burnish your conservative cred: Beat up on poor Mitt Romney.
  • Media Matters: Beck: “If This President Is Re-Elected In 2012, There Is No Way We As A Nation Survive In Any Form That We Understand.”