Right Wing Round-Up

  • PFAW: Glenn Beck Leaves Fox to Spend More Time with his Chalkboard.
  • Truth Wins Out: TWO Calls On The Republican Party to Denounce The American Family Association After Racist Rant By AFA Radio Host Bryan Fischer.
  • Towleroad: Judge Vaughn Walker Says He is Gay for First Time Publicly, Says Judges Should Never Recuse Themselves Over Sexuality.
  • Lee Fang @ Think Progress: Bristol Palin Responds: Legally Required Nonprofit Disclosure Part Of An Anti-Palin Conspiracy.
  • Andy Birkey @ Minnesota Independent: Herman Cain slams Ellison, says he supports Sharia law.
  • Zack Ford @ Wonk Room: VA Del. Bob Marshall’s Argument Against Same-Sex Adoption: Gay Couples Are ‘Disordered.’