Right Wing Round-Up

  • PFAW Memo: Debate Takeaway: Not A Single Moderate in the GOP Field.
  • Benjy Sarlin @ TPM: Muslims, Medicare, And Mandates: The Top 5 Moments From The GOP Debate.
  • Alex Alvarez @ Mediaite: ABC News Questions Ties Between Newt Gingrich’s Charity And For-Profit Business.
  • Ryan @ Texas Freedom Network: Houston Clergy Respond to Gov. Perry.
  • Ben Dimiero @ County Fair: Is This What Passes For Accountability At Fox News?
  • Laura Conaway @ Maddow Blog: Marriage equality wins two. (New York State would make three).
  • David Weigel: The Most Offensive Political Ad Ever, This Hour.
  • Finally, most of us are going to be in Minneapolis for the Netroots Nation conference for the next several days, so posting here will probably be sporadic, at best, for the rest of the week.