Right Wing Round-Up – 11/2/12

  • Norman Lear @ Huffington Post: The Tuesday That’s Bound to Matter All the Way to 2052.
  • Joan McCarter @ Daily Kos: Tommy Thompson blames his lucrative lobbying career on his shopping-addicted wife.
  • Andy Kroll @ Mother Jones: Romney Adviser Backed Outlawing Homosexuality and Abortion in Africa.
  • Media Matters: Whopper From Fox’s Doocy: “As I Remember,” Romney’s Plan Saved The Auto Industry.
  • Joe.My.God: Rabbi Yehuda Levin: Voting For Homo-Friendly Mitt Romney Will Cause God To Send More Hurricanes.
  • Evan McMorris-Santoro @ TPM: Late Super PAC Ad Buy Urges African Americans In Ohio To Vote Republican Because Lincoln Freed The Slaves.