Right Wing Round-Up – 10/17/13

  • Peter

    Montgomery @ Huffington Post: Explaining the Tea Party.

  • TFN Insider: Important News: Publishers Are Resisting Pressure to Dumb Down Their Biology Textbooks for Texas.
  • Towleroad: South Carolina Mayor Doesn’t Want

    ‘Queer’ Marriages ‘Rammed Down Her Throat.’

  • Zack Ford @ Think Progress:

    Anti-LGBT Group Admits It Invented Story About Transgender Student Harassing Classmates.

  • Noah

    Rothman @ Mediaite: Fox & Friends Hosts Ask If Ranting House Stenographer Targeted Because of Her Religious Beliefs.

  • Tom Kludt @ TPM:

    GOP Rep Looks To Next Showdown: ‘We’re Going To Start This All Over Again.’