Right Wing Round-Up – 10/15/12

  • Crooks & Liars: Fox Psychiatrist Ablow Wants Biden Examined For Dementia.
  • Alan Colmes: Tommy Thompson’s Son: “We Have The Opportunity To Send Obama Back To Chicago–Or Kenya.”
  • Josh Feldman @ Mediaite: Bill Maher: If Focus On The Family Is Really Doing God’s Work, Why Are They Always Wrong?
  • Jeremy Hooper: ‘NY Times’ positions Bryan Fischer as mere ‘issues analyst’, AFA as mere ‘evangelical group.’
  • Rebecca Berg @ BuzzFeed: Akin And Supporters Pray For Victory.
  • Alvin McEwen: New anti-Obama group full of the same old liars.
  • Laura Bassett @ Huffington Post: Live Action Undercover ‘Sting’ Targeting Four Women’s Advocacy Groups.

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