Right-Wing Pastor Calls for Anti-Gay PR Campaign

Last week, frequent right-wing spokesman Bishop Harry Jackson described his “Black Contract with America on Moral Values” and promised to “zero in on each of these areas in depth” in future columns. This week Jackson begins with the first of six points in his “Contract”: banning same-sex marriage. According to Jackson, the battle against “wide-spread acceptance of homosexuality” is a cause that can unite “all American families, black or white.” He writes:

Therefore, one wonders why all races rallied so vehemently to protect marriage during the 2004 election cycle, while going strangely silent this summer when these issues came to Capitol Hill.

The answer is simple. The gay community, with the help of the liberal media, has worked strategically on a P.R. campaign to make Americans comfortable with homosexuality. From the slightly effeminate male assistant to the first gay marriage ceremony on television, American audiences have watched homosexual themes creep into their lives.

Jackson concludes, “If we are to save marriage, our efforts must surpass those of the gay community.” He calls on readers to write letters to the editor and to contact their congressmen urging passage of a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage as a “first step.”

What is step two — taking on the “homosexual themes” Jackson sees on TV?