Right-Wing Media Figures Cry Anti-White Racism After Austin Bombing Suspect’s Identity Revealed

(Screenshot / YouTube.com, via KHOU 11)

Police have identified the man behind a series of bombings terrorizing Austin, Texas, as a 23-year-old white male and some right-wing personalities are already accusing media of displaying secret anti-white racism.

Early reports have said that a 23-year-old white man suspected of orchestrating the bombings had killed himself as police closed in on him early this morning. Reporters have discovered that someone who appears to be the suspect had once blogged about his conservative and anti-gay beliefs. Right-wing media personalities, including those affiliated with the white supremacist alt-right movement, sprung into action to accuse media reporting on the bomber of having a secret bias against white people.

Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson said that it didn’t matter that the Austin bomber was white, telling liberals that they should “try not to make everything yet another confirmation of your virulent racism”:

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter claimed that “CNN got this up pretty fast,” referring to reports that the suspect in the Austin bombings had been found and had committed suicide, and theorized that had happened because the suspect was white.

Users on 4Chan’s “politically incorrect” anonymous forum board resorted to their usual racist rhetoric to speculate why a white man was behind the bombings:

White nationalist YouTube personality Lauren Rose claimed that random Twitter users’ reactions to revelations of the alleged identity of the Austin bomber proved “confirmation bias at its best” and said she suspected that she could get 100 retweets if she claimed the bomber was a “white supremacist Nazi.”

Neo-Nazi blogger Andrew Anglin speculated in a since-deleted post on Gab—a Twitter alternative rampant with anti-Semitic and white nationalist content—that he thought he could “pretty well guarantee you that this Austin bombing situation is a siege-poster,” referring neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen’s promotion of the book “Siege” to advocate terrorism. Anglin added on his blog, “We wait with masturbator’s breath, hoping this isn’t a ‘neo-Nazi white supremacist.’”

Alt-right radio host Mike “Enoch” Peinovich asked, “I’m sorry, but what is white?”