Right Wing Leftovers – 9/7/12

  • Is Sarah Palin really so dense that she is attacking John Kerry for mentioning her in his speech by asking “how does he even know my name?” Has she forgotten that she ran for Vice President just a few years ago? It kind of made her famous. 
  • The fact that the fringe elements of the right-wing movement love Todd Akin tells you just about all you need to know.
  • The Religious Right now complaining that President Obama has issued National Day of Prayer proclamation!?!
  • William Owens says “the same-sex marriage movement, however, is an attempt to do the opposite of what Rev. King did. It’s an attempt by some, recently the NAACP, to use political power to declare that an act contrary to God’s law and to the natural law is a civil right.”
  • Finally, it seems that Chick-fil-A loves the American Family Association so much that they sent the AFA free milkshakes to thank them for all the good work they do.

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