Right Wing Leftovers – 9/6/12

  • The missionaries hiding kidnapper Lisa Miller say “that they are willing to suffer imprisonment or death in the cause of protecting Isabella.”
  • According to a right-wing medical association, Todd Akin was right and “there is medical data to back up what he was trying to say.”
  • The National Religious Broadcasters will unveil a “Free Speech Charter for the Internet” which seeks to combat “new media web-based tech companies [that have] contributed to the suppression of free speech.”
  • Gary Bauer says that “if we keep destroying unborn children, if we redefine God’s institution of marriage — I think a country that does those things will find itself in deep trouble not only economically, but also in many other ways.”
  • Finally, upcoming conference calls promoting the 40 Days to Save America effort will feature Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman and Rick Santourm.

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