Right Wing Leftovers – 9/17/12

  • CBN says Pat Robertson “was not seriously advocating that this viewer convert to Islam” so he could beat his wife and regretted “these comments and subsequently edited them out of the later broadcast.”
  • James Dobson says that Todd Akin “has been subjected to disgraceful treatment at the hands of the GOP political bosses.”
  • The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty recognizes the anniversary of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by declaring that “mounting evidence demonstrates the negative consequences of implementing a radical sexual agenda in our military.”
  • Christine O’Donnell thinks that owes to to her supporters to consider making another run for office.
  • Matt Barber says that Liberals and Muslims have one thing in common: “Both groups hate – with a visceral, all-consuming kind of hatred – the one true God. They hate all things Judeo-Christian.”
  • Finally, Harry Jackson says that “treating LGBT individuals with respect and dignity does not require us to reorganize society according to their wishes or give them ‘superior rights’ to the rest of us. It does not require us to submit our children for indoctrination about LGBT sexual practices, and it does not require that we make our legal system vulnerable to the slippery slope of eliminating the family altogether.”

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