Right Wing Leftovers – 9/12/12

  • For those who missed it, FRC has posted the video and a transcript of the iPledge Sunday prayer rally.
  • Jerome Corsi has moved on from trying to prove that President Obama was not born in America to now trying to prove that he is gay.
  • So Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer doesn’t want to be seen with a candidate who says Middle Eastern immigrants should be banned from the U.S but will appear at the Values Voter Summit sponsored by an organization that says the same thing?
  • Gary Bauer blasts President Obama’s response to the attacks in Libya and Egypt: “What a shameful statement of appeasement on the anniversary of 9/11.”
  • Finally, Sen. Roger Wicker appeared on Bryan Fischer’s radio show today, proving once again that there is seemingly nothing that Fischer can say that will cause the GOP to shun him.