Right Wing Leftovers – 9/10/12

  • Sadly, the Birther conference scheduled for later this month has been canceled due to lack of interest.
  • Alan Chambers has apologized for blasting radio host Janet Mefferd on Facebook after the two had engaged in a heated debate on her radio program last week.
  • Linda Harvey offers up a helpful “Q & A For Kids About Homosexuality” [PDF] that declares “it’s not right to tell someone that being homosexual is okay. The person may be feeling sad because of being bullied, but never try to make him or feel better by saying ‘gay’ is okay.”
  • Gary Cass declares “‘We the People’ have become corrupt. A truly moral and religious people would never tolerate the murderous, perverted and wasteful practices and policies that are spewing out of Washington D.C.!”
  • Gary Bauer repeats the lie that omits the phrase “endowed by their creator” when he recites the Declaration of Independence.
  • Finally, historian Glenn Sunshine says that David Barton’s methodology is “inappropriate, rhetorically dangerous, and quite simply intellectually dishonest.”

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