Right Wing Leftovers – 8/24/12

  • Joseph Farah says “Barack Obama is simply not a Christian … and his phony, insincere pretenses to Christianity are an insult to the faith of millions and to the Lord and Savior we serve.”
  • Penna Dexter assures conservatives that they shouldn’t be too worried about polls showing that young people support marriage equality because “the fact is young voters often change their political views as they age.”
  • ALIPAC is attacking the SPLC and ADL, saying “we have suffered the resulting threats and menacing that is characteristic when being lied about, being falsely accused of racism, and being erroneously associated with the KKK and Nazis simply because you oppose illegal immigration.”
  • Matt Barber says that by adding a plank supporting marriage equality to the Democratic platform, the Democrats are “attacking the vast majority of Americans who support natural marriage.”
  • Finally, Champion The Vote is out with a new election video highlighting the importance of judges:

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