Right Wing Leftovers – 8/23/12

  • Mike Huckabee, James Dobson, and Janet Porter are the latest Religious Right activists to come rushing to Todd Akin’s defense.
  • On a related note, Dr. Jack Willke, the man responsible for the idea that women have a biological defense against getting pregnant via rape, reports that he met with Mitt Romney last October.
  • CBN’s David Brody reports that crank “journalist” Ed Klein says “the Obama campaign [is] ready to go after Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith by starting a stealth education’ effort with the evangelical community” And so, of course “the Brody File is looking into this.”
  • Jerry Falwell Jr. says Donald Trump was given an invitation to speak at Liberty University because he “was willing to say publicly what many conservatives were only saying privately.”
  • Randall Terry will be on the presidential ballot in West Virginia.
  • Finally, FRC is outraged that President Obama has “praised Muslims in positions throughout his administration” and issued a prayer that “Americans [will] realize that God, alone, is our defense and obedience to Him our safety. May God elevate men and women in November who will be diligent in fulfilling government’s primary responsibility – national security. May Revival restore obedience to Almighty God in our land!”

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