Right Wing Leftovers – 8/1/12

  • FRC reports that Congressman Alan Nunnelee and 16 of his colleagues sent a letter to Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy “congratulating him on the dignity with which his company has conducted itself in the face of a vicious smear campaign.”
  • David Brody and Richard Viguerie rejoice in Ted Cruz’s Republican primary win in Texas last night, seeing it as proof that the Tea Party is alive and well.
  • The Rutherford Institute is asking that pastor Michael Salman be allowed work release while serving jail time for illegally trying to build a church on his property.
  • Headline of the day: “When Ralph Reed met General Butt Naked.”
  • Finally, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) directly compared the beginning of the Obama administration’s contraception mandate today to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.