Right Wing Leftovers – 7/3/12

  • CBN’s David Brody reports on Mitt Romney’s efforts to reach out to Religious Right leaders.
  • Gary Cass declares that “Obama-care forces tax-payers to subsidize murder through the funding of abortion. Healthcare rationing that will establish death panels, like in all other countries with socialized medicine, to determine if some people can live based on their ‘usefulness.’ Preborn babies and senior citizens are in the crosshairs of Obama-care. So on moral and religious liberty grounds we must repeal Obama-care.”
  • William Owens says President Obama “undoubtedly doesn’t understand the difference in the ‘gay’ and lesbian community and the African Americans who fought for civil rights, who put their lives on the line … it’s like he has turned his back on the African-American community.”
  • It seems kind of odd that an Ohio Republican state representative is hosting a fundraiser for Janet Porter given that she is dedicated to removing Republicans from office for not supporting her Heartbeat Bill.
  • David Barton’s “The Founder’s Bible” will be released soon.  We cannot wait!
  • Finally, President Obama makes Uncle Sam cry:

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