Right Wing Leftovers – 7/31/12

  • Washington Post’s conservative columnist and alternate reality occupant Jennifer Rubin didn’t get the memo, calling Romney’s “culture” comments “bold and blunt” and bewilderingly claimed that “if this is the Romney we’re going to see during the balance of the campaign Obama is in deep trouble.”
  • A former staffer is suing Michele Bachmann because her campaign allegedly stole a list of Iowa homeschooling families off her personal computer to use for her presidential bid.
  • The Alabama Educational Television Commission is lawyering up and denying claims that its directors were fired for refusing to run a David Barton program.
  • Meanwhile, a group of Ohio pastors are boycotting Barton’s publisher because his book, The Jefferson Lies, “glosses over Thomas Jefferson’s unorthodox and heretical beliefs about Jesus Christ; minimizes and justifies Thomas Jefferson’s racism; excuses Thomas Jefferson’s practice of enslaving African-Americans; [and] is riddled with factual distortions and falsehoods.”
  • David Brody of CBN News wonders, “How do you go about stopping the gay rights agenda in its tracks? Is it possible? If so, how? Leave your comments.”

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