Right Wing Leftovers – 7/2/12

  • Bill Federer says “President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, March 23, 2010, is similar to President Fillmore’s Fugitive Slave Act, Sept. 18, 1850. The Supreme Court’s health-care decision, June 27, 2012, is similar to its Dred Scott decision, March 6, 1857” and wonders “is a civil war next?”
  • FRC’s Robert Morrison declares that “what Roberts has achieved with this dog’s breakfast of a ruling will only hold the Court up for renewed scorn.”
  • Faith and Action’s Rob Schenck, on the other hand, says he thinks Roberts “did the best he could, according to the light of his own conscience.”
  • James Dobson issues a dire warning: “Barring a spiritual renewal and the uniting of Christians and families in both voice and action in the years to come will bring legalized euthanasia such as the killing of Terry Schiavo, acceptance of physician-assisted suicide, legalized same-sex marriage, a million more abortions every year (added to 50 million babies already dead), legalized drug usage, more filth and perversion in the entertainment industry, continued epidemics of pornography and violence, etc…”
  • LiveNews reports that the home of Personhood USA’s Keith Mason was vandalized by pro-choice activists.
  • Finally, Jonathan Krohn, the 13 year-old conservative pundit who wowed CPAC a few years ago, is no longer a conservative.

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