Right Wing Leftovers – 7/16/12

  • Oh goody, Rick Warren is planning to hold a presidential forum featuring Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in August! 
  • Mat Staver says “the agenda of the sexual anarchist movement [is] to put this issue up — homosexuality, lesbianism and whatever the nomenclature of the alphabet may be from day to day — to simply push this into your face and to shove it down the throats of the American people. I believe that this threat of homosexuality and same-sex unions is the biggest threat to our family, to our morality and to our freedom that we face here in America.”
  • Harry Jackson declares that “the NAACP no longer speaks for me.”
  • On a related note, Matt Barber says “the NAACP leadership has allowed itself to be played by ‘the man.’ (In this case “the man” is the mostly white, ‘progressive’-elite establishment.)”
  • A new piece from FRC: “Leviticus, Jesus, and Homosexuality: Some Thoughts on Honest Interpretation.”
  • Finally, AFA’s Buster Wilson asserts that “to turn a blind eye from God’s Word about homosexuality and to OK it, would be the same as okaying thievery, idolatry, or adultery! In fact, homosexuality is a form of idolatry, the worst kind. It is the worship of self over God’s rule of order.”

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