Right Wing Leftovers – 7/11/12

  • After being ordered to pay the legal fees of Rachel Maddow and others that he sued, Bradlee Dean is now demanding that the judge who issued the ruling be removed from the case for being biased and prejudiced against him.
  • Looks like Washington DC will be getting its own Bible museum.
  • God Wants Ron Paul to Be President.”
  • FRC’s resident homophobe Peter Sprigg lays out all the ways in which “The Obama Administration Promotes the Homosexual Agenda.”
  • Wendy Wright says that the Gates Foundation “is not seeking to eliminate poverty, but rather to eliminate poor people — to eliminate those who don’t meet their standards of living.”
  • Finally, poor Kirk Cameron has been “persecuted by the mainstream media, mercilessly subjected to an unreasonable amount of scrutiny” for opposing gay marriage.

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