Right Wing Leftovers

  • The American Life League is angry that Krispy Kreme is giving away free doughnuts on Inauguration Day because the company’s press release says it is celebrating “the freedom of choice,” which ALL says is a “tacit endorsement of abortion rights on demand.”
  • Rep. Steve King says it is “bizarre” that Barack Obama will use his middle name when he is sworn in next week, which just serves as more evidence that King fully deserves his place among Steve Benen’s “Most Offensive Member of Congress.”
  • Because you can never have too many right-wingers on the radio, Mat Staver and Matt Barber will soon begin hosting “Liberty Live,” which will air on 126 stations of American Family Radio’s new AFR Talk network.
  • Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern has introduced a resolution calling on Congress to oppose the Freedom of Choice Act, saying it would be “an infringement on states’ rights. Abortion is not a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution but states’ rights are guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment.”
  • The Traditional Values Coalition warns that President Obama and his “czars” are poised to “impose Obamunism upon our nation” and specifically singles out Tom Daschle as “most likely push the abortion and homosexual agenda … The abortionists and homosexuals who helped get Obama elected must be thrilled with all of these czars with power to impose abortion and homosexuality on our military and federal bureaucracies.” Elsewhere, they call us a “God-hating … anti-Christian group that is still engaged in a relentless war against traditional values.”
  • Dan Gilgoff reports that, according to Ted Haggard, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi regularly sent words of comfort and support in the two year following his fall,” but Pelosi’s office tells David Brody that Haggard’s claim is “simply not true.”
  • Finally, Rick Scarborough is more than a little upset that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has the temerity to start plotting a run for Governor of Texas:
  • “As a Texas conservative I am appalled by this action and call upon Senator Hutchison to do the ethically and morally right thing by writing everyone who contributed to her national campaign and offering to refund their contribution. Conservatives in Texas and around the country contributed to Senator Hutchison’s campaign to fight liberals in Washington; not conservatives in Texas.

    “Rick Perry has his detractors in Texas and I have been openly critical of some of his positions as Governor, but he is solidly pro-life and pro-family and Texas has prospered under his able leadership. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is pro-choice, is apparently willing to expose her own Party in Washington to a possible filibuster proof Democratic majority by vacating her seat as US Senator, while simultaneously dividing her Party in Texas with a costly and politically divisive bid to be Governor which is not warranted.”