Right Wing Leftovers

  • Cornerstone Christian School, which is connected to John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church, is suing after it was dropped from the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools’ athletic league, saying it is being discriminated against because it is a religious school, while the league counters that it was dropped due to Cornerstone’s “ongoing problem with illegal recruiting of foreign students for athletic purposes.”
  • The American Conservative magazine reports on the state of the anti-choice movement, saying it “has endured for so long precisely because it has failed” and cites offers this anecdote: “Alan Keyes soon leapt to the stage and addressed the audience of about 100 people. He compared Obama to Cain, who killed his brother; to a ‘bad tree’ in Christ’s parables; and to Hitler.”
  • What do Liberty University professors do when they are not teaching? Search for Noah’s Ark, of course. Archaeologist Randall Price is set to travel to Mt. Ararat in Turkey to search for it based on claims by a Kurdish shepherd who says he has seen the ark, and even climbed on top of it, when he was a boy: “They found the spot, Price said, but it now is covered by an estimated 60-foot-deep pile of boulders. Price believes the landslide may have resulted from attacks against Kurdish rebels on the mountain, or perhaps from explosives that were set off to cover up the ark.”
  • Finally, just let me say that I hope Andy Schlafly starts writing more posts for the Eagle Forum’s blog:
  • Notice how Springsteen skipped his song “Born in the U.S.A.” at the Super Bowl?

    Bruce Springsteen is a liberal rock star who sang during the halftime of the Super Bowl last night. He has working class appeal.

    Springsteen sang nearly all his top hits … except there was one glaring omission. He did not sing “Born in the U.S.A.,” one of his most popular tunes of all.

    Wonder why??? The Obama mind controllers would not have been happy if he sang that title! Obama still has not proven that he was born in the U.S.A.