Right Wing Leftovers – 6/29/12

  • Robert Knight says Voter ID laws do not suppress minority voter turn out because “How do they drive? How do they cash a check that requires a photo ID?’ It’s a ludicrous contention on the face of it.”
  • You have to love WND for being the only place willing to run pieces like “Bullied ‘jail bus’ lady: Fearful fatty, not a hero.”
  • James Robison declares that “if the American people, the political leaders, the academics, the courts, and Congress continue promoting this present course, we will no longer be celebrating the birth of freedom, but rather witnessing the death of liberty and freedom in our lifetime.”
  • Bryan Fischer really does not like the Supreme Court’s health care ruling: “The ObamaCare ruling from Chief Justice John Roberts is mind-numbingly, eye-crossingly bad. It is irrational, illogical, unconstitutional, a ruling that would not make sense even in an imaginary parallel universe.”
  • Finally, I guess we now get to look forward to Peter LaBarbera using the term “aberrosexual.”

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