Right Wing Leftovers

  • California State Senator Dennis Hollingsworth, one of Proposition 8’s strongest supporters, has maneuvered his way into the leadership of the Republican caucus after state Senator Dave Cogdill was ousted for his support of last week’s budget deal.
  • The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission proclaims that Hollywood has declared war on God and that “to say that God loves everyone regardless of their willful, sinful rebellion is blasphemous.”
  • The Arkansas Times profiles Jerry Cox, executive director of the Arkansas Family Council, and his role in helping to pass the state’s anti-gay adoption measure last November.
  • Tom Tancredo says that Gov. Bobby Jindal’s presidential aspirations are over and that Grover Norquist ought to be in jail.
  • Finally, among the individuals Fl. Gov. Charlie Crist appointed to the state’s census panel is Dennis Baxley, director of the Christian Coalition of Florida.