Right Wing Leftovers

  • Like pretty much every Republican before him, Michael Steele is pledging to turn around the GOP’s dismal showing when it comes to getting votes from African Americans.
  • The easy applause line at CPAC was to attack “socialism.”
  • As it has been threatening, on Friday the Liberty Counsel filed suit to force the Florida Bar to remain neutral in the case regarding the state’s ban on adoption by gay couples.
  • At CPAC, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty called upon those in attendance to ensure that God remains at the “forefront of the values, principles and issues” of the conservative movement.
  • The New York Times reports that a new video and other incidents are reviving questions about the role that religion is playing in the military and whether a pro-Christian culture permeates the armed forces.
  • When life gives you Buttars, turn it into “Buttars-Palooza.”
  • Kevin “Musclehead Revolution” McCullough tries to goad Rachel Maddow into covering him by explicitly comparing Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler.
  • Finally, the Washington Post’s “On Faith”blog interviewed Liberty University basketball coach Ritchie McKay and asked if he’d ever considered recruiting a player who was an atheist, to which he replied with this non sequitur:
  • I don’t think Dr. Falwell would have ever excluded anyone from attending his university, and I don’t think it would bother me if [the player] didn’t have the same beliefs as me. Now, if he was practicing some type of illegal or immoral or unethical behavior, then he can’t be a member of our team.