Right Wing Leftovers

  • The Religious Right is acting as if President Obama has sold them out with his decision to reverse Bush’s stem cell policy.
  • Want to go skeet shooting with Mike Huckabee and Duncan Hunter?  Of course you do!  And for just $250, you can.
  • Tony Perkins sees the bright side of the economic crisis and the news that religious affiliation in this country is dropping, saying that the two are linked and that “if this poll is taken next year” the outcome will be different because “as the economy goes downward, I think people are going to be driven to religion.”
  • Finally, Ken Blackwell and Star Parker team up to try to explain why African Americans don’t support the Republican Party:
  • Black marriage and families were not always in this sorry state. A substantial body of research shows that the breakdown followed the growth of socially intrusive big government in the 1960s – the same socially intrusive big government that the Democratic Party continues to promote today.

    But these facts are mainly discussed only in conservative intellectual circles – which are overwhelmingly white. Most blacks don’t hear it, or think about it much. The churchgoers probably know it in their bones, but they don’t act on it in the voting booth.

    Instead, the black community drowns in the message that conservatives are racists and that it’s racism that causes black poverty and lack of opportunity.