Right Wing Leftovers – 6/22/12

  • Bryan Fischer interviewed gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger on his radio program yesterday.  It was disappointingly dull.
  • Speaking of Fischer, he is now claiming that Sen. Marco Rubio bailed on his scheduled interview because he is being vetted by the Romney campaign as a possible VP candidate.
  • Peter LaBarbera seemingly never gets tired of covering gay pride parades.
  • Mary Cheney married her long-time partner Heather Poe today in Washington, DC.
  • FRC claims that “siding with radical homosexuals” has cost J.C. Penney’s some $163 million.
  • Finally, Allen West sent out an email seeking donations containing an image claiming that Bill Maher said West “leads party of the apes.”  That is, of course, not quite what Maher said:

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