Right Wing Leftovers

  • Focus on the Family has produced five radio messages aimed at fighting efforts to grant equality to gays and lesbians in several states.
  • Speaking of which, a spokesperson for the Focus affiliate in Colorado announced that it is opposing efforts to grant benefits to domestic partners of state employees because it would “discriminate against non-same-sex partners.”
  • Politico reports that an “informal network of former aides is keeping his views in the political bloodstream, defending his legacy in TV appearances and backgrounding reporters about [President Bush’s] record,” while Jeb Bush has penned an op-ed for the Washington Times calling on Republicans to serve as a “loyal opposition.”
  • Sen. David Vitter reportedly did not react well to missing a recent flight.
  • Rick Santorum is alarmed by the “zealots” Barack Obama is appointing to government positions. That’s right: Santorum is concerned about the “zealots.”
  • The 2012 Draft Sarah Committee is hard at work rounding up organizers and volunteers in hopes that Palin will make a presidential run.
  • Pat Robertson warns that Obama’s plans for the banks and education means that eventually we’ll have a “gigantic, socialist colossus that we’ve got to deal with.”
  • Finally, do anti-stem cell advocates really want to be using the “Octo-Mom” as the poster girl for their cause?