Right Wing Leftovers – 6/21/12

  • Peter LaBarbera is not happy that the Pentagon is celebrating LGBT Pride month, saying “George Washington must be rolling over in his grave.”
  • Will President Obama’s contraception mandate lead to a China-like one-child policy?
  • Gary Bauer tells skeptical anti-abortion activists that “It’s Time to Embrace Mitt Romney.”
  • President Obama is “the most arrogant man in the world.”
  • Finally, FRC has released its latest list of prayer targets: “May every family-hostile measure fail! May pastors and churches who helped pass Proposition 8 in California and those challenging the same-sex ‘marriage’ law in Washington persevere. May they embrace the Call2Fall and press on in prayer and duty to see marriage prevail. May wholesale revival cleanse every state in our nation! May God heal families and restore sanity to our state and national public policy.”