Right Wing Leftovers – 6/18/12

  • Looks like Sally Kern is facing a Republican primary challenger in her bid for re-election.
  • David Brody’s book on “The Teavangelicals” is now available in bookstores. We will not be reading it.
  • Rick Santorum says he will not be serving in any Romney administration because “it’s just for me it’s a matter of my priorities and my time of being a husband and a father.” Ummm … then why did he run for president?
  • It is kind of ironic that David Barton, of all people, is fighting a Texas law that was passed in order to eliminate “meritless legal claims filed to intimidate critics.”
  • Finally, because Matt Barber loves gays so much, he has written an open letter telling them “Your lifestyle – homosexuality – is always and forever, objectively and demonstrably wrong. It is never good, natural, right or praiseworthy.”

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