Right Wing Leftovers – 6/14/12

  • It is no surprise that both Bryan Fischer and Peter LaBarbera are big fans of Mark Regnerus’ deeply flawed anti-gay study.
  • On a related note, FRC’s latest prayer targets likewise support the study: “May this study find wide acceptance and help bring clarity to a confused scientific world, and be the first of many more in-depth studies that will demonstrate what we already know from the eternal truths of Scripture.”
  • NOM’s latest press release proclaims that “General Mills Declares War on Marriage with Its Own Customers.”
  • Gary Bauer warns that “if men and women of faith do not forcefully engage in the culture war, our cherished values will be radically redefined. And as we are seeing, it inevitably leads to religious persecution and limits to freedom of speech. Fundamental beliefs of every major faith are labeled bigotry and condemned. Genesis becomes criminalized, and faith is forced into the closet.”
  • Finally, Mike Huckabee and others will join FRC next week for a webcast called “Two Weeks for Freedom: Christians Standing Together for Religious Freedom.”

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