Right Wing Leftovers

  • Lou Engle is demanding the “immediate dismissal” of Jon Meacham for his Newsweek cover story “The Decline and Fall of Christian America.”
  • Arlen Specter has fired back at both Pat Toomey and his former colleague Rick Santorum, saying that if Toomey’s challenges him in the primary and wins, he’ll lose the general election because he is “to the right of Rick Santorum.”
  • Janet Porter declares that recent global developments “read like the book of Revelation.”
  • Bill Donohue is not happy that Harry Knox has been appointed to the Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, saying it proves that “the Obama administration would never appoint an anti-gay person to any post. But it has no problem appointing anti-Catholics.”
  • Bob Knight weighs in on the Iowa marriage ruling, declaring that “society would survive without a single homosexual relationship, but it would collapse without marriage” and that gays cannot get married “any more than a brother and sister can be ‘married.’” He also warns that “God Almighty created marriage thousands of years before the men of Sodom thought they had a better idea. If judicial tyrants have their way, America will outdo Sodom and even decadent Greece and Rome.”