Right Wing Leftovers

  • It looks like the National Organization for Marriage is tired of everyone making fun of their “Gathering Storm” ad and have succeeded in getting the audition tapes we and many others posted earlier this week removed from YouTube.
  • The latest rumor is that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is thinking about giving up the governorship and running for Senate against David Vitter.
  • Speaking of Jindal, he has signed a proclamation declaring April as Abortion Recovery Awareness Month.
  • Jay Sekulow and Rick Santorum have joined the right-wing campaign against Harold Koh.
  • Politico reports that “the culture wars are making a comeback, but this time around, social conservatives find themselves in an unfamiliar position: playing defense.”
  • Finally, Joseph Farah defends his decision not to support John McCain, saying an Obama presidency is necessary because conservatives “needed to be jolted awake by experiencing the consequences of these horrendous policies, and Republicans had to be forced to rediscover their roots in and commitment to limited government.”