Right Wing Leftovers

  • Gov. Bobby Jindal has not yet decided whether to accept an invitation to this year’s Values Voter Summit.
  • Carrie Prejean is getting some unwelcome attention, which she claims is an attempt to belittle her Christianity.
  • Rep. Michelle Bachmann seems to generate a lot of press coverage mainly because journalists “write about the planes that crash, not the ones that land safely [and] Michele just happens to be a plane that crashes a lot — often more than once a week.”
  • Randall Terry vows further disruption at Notre Dame.
  • Is there a Birther civil war brewing?
  • Utah Sen. Chris Buttars has gotten a spot on the Interim Senate Judiciary Committee which “is responsible for hearing the bills that are presented in the judiciary and passing or defeating or amending those bills,” despite being booted from the same committee a few months ago for his anti-gay tirade.
  • While we are all for encouraging and rewarding active Seniors, we probably wouldn’t be naming someone Senior Citizen of the Year for starting a local chapter of Concerned Women for America.
  • Finally, how soon before we start hearing the Right scream and yell about the US military destroying these Bibles?