Right Wing Leftovers

  • Florida conservatives are already signaling that are ready to try and take out Gov. Charlie Crist during the Republican primary for the state’s open Senate seat.
  • Richard Viguerie continues his attacks on the Republican leadership, saying to his fellow conservatives that “we have a party and a country to save, and the GOP establishment is in our way.”
  • Sen. Jeff Session clarifies his recent somewhat contradictory statements on his willingness to possibly vote for a gay Supreme Court nominee.
  • It looks like Carrie Prejean will get to keep her Miss California title after all.
  • The Missouri Eagle Forum doesn’t want even parents of sixth-grade girls to get information about the HPV vaccine because it encourages promiscuity: “Science isn’t keeping up with the consequences of sexual immorality,”
  • Finally, Elaine Donnelly says that President Obama is on the verge of breaking the law if he doesn’t follow through with the policies dictated by Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell:
  • “Any presidential order or Defense Department directive disregarding the law, handed down for reasons of political expediency, would constitute a serious, perhaps irreparable, breach of faith with men and women who volunteer to serve … An imperious presidential challenge to congressional authority on a matter as important as this would erode relationships and good will, and give rise to constitutional questions. History shows that in conflicts with Congress, presidents do not win.”