Right Wing Leftovers

  • Day Gardner says she is “baffled at the audacity of Barack who insists on speaking at this graduation even if graduating students don’t want him there. President Obama doesn’t get it. His ego is so big that he has no problem forcing himself on the students and faculty of Notre Dame.” I too am baffled … by Gardner’s argument.
  • When Gary Cass and Bob Knight team up to discuss hate crimes legislation, you can guarantee that the information is going to be both accurate and informative.
  • FRC’s Peter Sprigg says there has been no softening on their opposition to a gay SCOTUS nominee, saying “the chances of finding a highly-qualified judge who [has experienced same-sex attractions, but who also respects judicial restraint and the original intent of the Constitution] are probably about equal to the chances of a camel passing through the eye of a needle.”
  • Al Mohler says Christians are “called to love and respect Muslims [but] not Islam” because it is a false religion.
  • The always timely Sarah Palin has now issued a statement in defense of Carrie Prejean … days after everything had been settled.
  • And speaking of Republican embarrassments, two of the biggest are teaming up, with Michael Steele backing Michelle Bachmann’s attacks on ACORN.
  • Finally, Pat Robertson says he’s not surprised that President Obama bowed to King Abdullah … because Obama has a Muslim name.