Right Wing Leftovers

  • Michael Steele just might luck out – meanwhile he’s getting support from Sarah Palin … and being mocked by Dana Milbank.
  • Two people arrested during the protests at Notre Dame are still sitting in jail, refusing bail and vowing to remain there until their hearing in three weeks.
  • Tony Perkins insists that his Call 2 Fall is not political, but Adelle Banks notes that his emails to supporters seem to suggest otherwise.
  • Speaking of FRC, they and Americans United for Life are sponsoring a pre-ALEC event for state legislators in July just before the annual ALEC Conference in order to inform legislators “about the key life and family issues affecting your state” and “discuss the latest legislative initiatives and state legislative trends.”
  • The John Birch Society rips into the Religious Right for turning Carrie Prejean into a movement hero.
  • Finally, allow me to apologize for the lack of posts today, but I was having various computer problems.  Also, I’ll be on vacation until next Wednesday … so don’t let the Right do anything crazy  while I’m gone.