Right Wing Leftovers

  • Jerry Falwell Jr. and Liberty University are now demanding that the College Democrats apologize to them.
  • Richard Cizik, who lost his job with the National Association of Evangelicals, continues his environmental efforts.
  • Two national Rabbinic groups have issued a religious ban on “voting for any politician or office holder who supports any aspect of the homosexual political agenda.”
  • Rob Schenck announces that, beginning next week, his organization will begin daily prayer vigils for every leading politician in this country, singling them out by name for prayer, and will do so for the entire year.
  • Quin Hillyer completely loses it over Sonia Sotomayor, while the NRA says that it is staying out of it … for now. Meanwhile, the LA Times reports that the Right is hoping to do to Sotomayor what it did to Dawn Johnsen, and Kansas Senator Pat Roberts announces that he will vote against her nomination.