Right Wing Leftovers

  • Who would have ever guessed than an Answers in Genesis special “State of the Nation” program entitled “The Collapse of Christian America” would be so boring?  Not me, which is why I made the mistake of watching it.
  • John Hagee says God will judge America for pressuring Israel.
  • The Census Bureau tries to set Rep. Michelle Bachmann straight.
  • Rob Schenck calls on Gov. Mark Sanford to resign.
  • Alan Keyes blasts Republicans who are outraged by Sanford’s actions, saying they are no better and “by their silence and inaction on Obama’s eligibility for the presidency, have forsworn their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.”
  • Gary Bauer on “when gays attack.”
  • Alveda King proves once again that any and every news story can serve as a hook for a press release decrying abortion.
  • Rep. Randy Forbes has been awarded the Distinguished Christian Statesman Award.
  • Basically, the Right’s opposition to Sonia Sotomayor seems to stem primarily from bitterness over the defeat of Robert Bork.