Right Wing Leftovers

  • Want to watch a live 36 minute conversation between Carrie Prejean and Miles McPherson regarding Prejean’s downfall? You’re in luck.
  • Sen. John Ensign says that not only will he not resign in light of his affair and his parents’ payout to the woman’s family, but he plans to seek reelection when his term is up in 2012.
  • Sen. Jim DeMint believes that only he can save the Republican Party and the conservative movement.
  • Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele addressed the NAACP’s centennial convention, explaining the move was the first of his “baby steps” in his effort rebuilding the GOP’s relationship with black America.
  • Finally, Birther Queen Orly Taitz claims that her efforts are gaining traction, though they really aren’t and has expanded her efforts to include representing an Army Major who says Obama cannot deploy him to Afghanistan because he’s ineligible to be president.